Katche Kamp Home

Katche Kamp sits on the bay adjoining East Trout and Nipekamew Lakes.  This wilderness center point boasts magnificent sunsets and connects forest and water with distinctly differing environments.  Home to the dreamer, adventurer, escapist.  Alive!

This wilderness resort is now for sale. 

A keen business eye sees this as a focal point of imminent not-so-future development.  The population of Candle Lake (80 km’s/50 miles south) has increased greatly in the last ten years. Significant growth will move northward. The Clarence-Steepbank Wilderness Area, located just 12 km’s east, creates an expanse of mature forest with hiking, fishing, and magnificent scenery, protected from development.

Given the price-range and accessible wilderness environment of this location, it is an extremely attractive opportunity.  For those anticipating retirement or seeking a great escape, it’s possible to combine a fantastic home-site, surrounded by unlimited recreational opportunities or a small business potential on this site. The property can also be submitted for development by the subdivision of three large lake lots with the finest waterfront anywhere in the Canadian north.  This property would also be an excellent location for a corporate retreat or employee playground. 

Truth be told, until you stand on this ground, these words are little more than promotional hype. But when you see and taste it, the words transform into emotion.

Come and taste if for yourself!